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Finite element modelling and simulation

The use of modern calculation and simulation software in the concept and development phases of new products significantly contributes to shortening development times, improving product parameters such as weight & material savings, increasing stiffness and minimising natural vibrations. Additional positive effects include the identification of weak points and the associated reduction of product risks and damage prevention.

A precondition for successful optimisation through FEM modelling and simulation is the software itself and very powerful computing technology. But above all, it is the many years of experience in the approach and implementation in the modelling and the analysis of the simulation results.

Based on experience from numerous research and customer projects we offer the following services.

Service offering

  • magnetic field simulation:
    • design and layout of product-specific magnetic actuators, such as direct drives, voice coils, magnetic bearings, and others
    • design of magnetic shielding
    • coupled thermal analysis
    • dynamic analysis
  • dynamic simulation
    • modal analysis: determination of natural frequencies and vibration modes of components
    • harmonic & transient analysis: determination of transfer functions between machine parts
  • temperature simulation
    • thermally induced temperature distribution
    • optimisation of cooling systems
    • thermally induced deformation e.g. for mechanics and electronics
  • strength and deformation: linear and non-linear calculations and standard-compliant verification
  • fluidics simulation: simulation of the flow behaviour of fluids in (micro-) channels and chambers
  • MEMS simulation: simulation of the behaviour of MEMS structures, such as membranes and comb structures

Application fields and technical equipment

  • development of mechanical, electro-mechanical and mechatronic systems
  • development of temperature control and cooling systems
  • development of fluidic systems
  • development of MEMS

  • powerful computing technology



Dr.-Ing. Ludwig Herzog

Head of Mechatronics

ludwig.herzog(at) (0) 3677 874 93 60

Dr. Ludwig Herzog will provide detail on our research on magnetic 6D direct drives with nm precision for the nm measurement and structuring of objects. He supports you with services for the development of mechatronic systems, for simulation, design and test of MEMS as well as for finite element modelling (FEM) and simulation.

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Dr. Denis Dontsov, SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH

“The positioning results achieved clearly have high potential for resolving detailed enquiries from future customers and for new types of SIOS nanopositioning systems offering a significantly extended field of measurement.”

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We develop actuator systems and open- and closed-loop controls as embedded solutions according to customer specifications with highest demands on precision, dynamics, available space, performance and efficiency.