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Core topic Modular and mobile test systems

The set-up of test solutions is an integral part of all application developments. This always involves striving for the highest possible test coverage of the technical parameters. Yet this goal often collides with the available development time for test systems. The approach of a freely configurable modular test system is a good compromise for many applications.

Our research aims to design modular test systems that can be flexibly and quickly adapted to new challenges by using optimised functional test units. This concept can be transferred to many fields of application. At IMMS, it is currently used for wafer test and application set-ups for in-vitro diagnostics, among other things.



Dipl.-Ing. Michael Meister

Head of Industrial Electronics and Measurement Technology

michael.meister(at) (0) 3677 874 93 20

Michael Meister is your contact for testing services, the development of test methodologies, and long-term measurements. He answers your questions on Modular and mobile test systems that we develop in our research in Smart distributed measurement and test systems as well as about testing and characterisation of integrated sensor systems. He is responsible for the test equipment at IMMS and will support you in the validation of ASIC and MEMS developments.

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Quantum Hub Thüringen

For quantum technology from Thüringen, Germany, IMMS is researching CMOS-based single-photon detectors.



A novel technology platform with graphene-based field-effect transistor for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 is being developed



IMMS has developed a chip for mobile diagnostic systems for the early detection of diseases using time-resolved fluorescence measurements.



We have developed a CMOS biochip with which the prostate-specific antigen can be quantitatively detected. The chip achieves the specifications required for clinical PSA tests according to Rili-BÄK for early cancer detection.


Prof. Dr. Peter Holstein, SONOTEC GmbH

“IMMS has designed the digital components of the hardware to be used in our new digital ultrasonic testing device. The signal processing performance achieved is largely based on FPGA technology, a field in which IMMS has excellent references. Our joint work with IMMS went off perfectly.”


René Heidl, Indu-Sol

“IMMS with its many years of experience in energy-autonomous systems and in developing integrated hardware and software complemented our own work perfectly and developed us a battery-operated current clamp for us. We are more than happy with the product, which is now being mass-produced and is a valuable addition to our range.”

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