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Voices from academia

Here you can find feedback from our research partners. We would like to thank them for it.



Dr. Alexander Maier, Fraunhofer IOSB-INA

“We very much appreciate not only the sound, practical engineering knowledge of the IMMS staff concerning Industry 4.0-compatible protocols and systems but also the personal contact and the constructive manner of IMMS’ collaboration. And so we shall be delighted if we can tackle upcoming subjects together.”


Prof. Dr. Thomas Arnold, Leibniz IOM

“We are extremely pleased with the resulting demonstration device. Besides proven competence in drive design and experience of product development in the service of research institutes, IMMS also brought to the task a highly professional, purposeful and constructive approach.”


Prof. Dr. Almuth Einspanier, Leipzig University

”Ever since 2011, we have been researching a process that will enable us reliably to determine the sex of a chicken by hormone analysis before it hatches. In IMMS we found a partner to investigate with us whether mechanised, multiple sampling might be feasible in principle.”


Dr. Dieter Treytnar, edacentrum

“The idea became the edaBarCamp, a ‘non-conference’. As its name suggests, it was to be the first BarCamp in the field of EDA. It was organised by the edacentrum, IMMS and OFFIS. Thanks to the support given by IMMS on organisation and content, the first edaBarCamp was so successful that everybody agreed to repeat it in future years.”


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Husar, TU Ilmenau

“To enable the signals from all 800 sensors to be received simultaneously without interruption, we needed analogue-digital ASICs to operate on the tiniest of power. The challenge, which was immense and hitherto unknown in any such context, was met by the IMMS staff with their ASIC development skills.”


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erich Barke

“The Erfurt branch of IMMS is involved in finding methods by which models can be efficiently simulated. Not only the excellent collaboration but also the publication success bring me much pleasure.”