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25 years of IMMS

We have received numerous greetings and congratulations for our 25th anniversary. Many of them pick up on current projects and results of the last few years and thus illustrate from different perspectives how we at IMMS transfer research results into applications and products together with our partners from science and industry.

Our anniversary coincided with a phase in which, despite all difficulties, we have intensified our efforts to support companies with research and development for the challenges of the future. We are all the more pleased that our partners and supporters have taken the time to talk about joint successes in videos and text contributions and to jointly look into the future with us.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for this. These words make us proud of what we have achieved together and spur us on to continue working with you on cutting-edge innovations!


Video summary of all greetings

25 years IMMS – We thank you very much for the congratulations! A short video summary gives an overview of the greetings from our partners and sponsors.

Video statements

Here, our partners and supporters illustrate with many examples how we jointly transfer the results of basic research into applications and products. Thank you very much for this!

Text messages

Here you will find texts sent to us by our partners for our 25th anniversary. There are also many references to concrete projects and joint product developments. Many thanks!

On 19 December 1995, the notarial partnership agreement for the foundation of IMMS as a state-owned institute of the German Land of Thüringen was signed. Thüringen provided DM 15 million in start-up funding.

On 15 May 1996, IMMS started business operations, at that time still in Langewiesener Str. 22 in Ilmenau. 

In February 1997, the Erfurt branch office was established in the centre of microelectronics in Thüringen. 

IMMS became the first Affiliated Institute of the Technische Universität Ilmenau and was significantly involved in drawing up the Affiliated Institute Statutes of Ilmenau TU. The cooperation agreement was signed on 14 October 1998.

The following people played a key role in the foundation:
Prof. Gerd Scarbata, Prof. Eberhard Kallenbach (†), Prof. Dagmar Schipanski (†), Prof. Franz Rößler and Dr.-Ing. Karsten Pahnke, Dr.-Ing. Christian Schröder, Dr.-Ing. Christoph Schäffel (†), Dr.-Ing. Uwe Baumann, Dr.-Ing. Peter Kornetzky, Hans-Jürgen Straub (former CEO of X-FAB) and Dr. Hermann Hamacher (former Thuringian Ministry of Science, Research and Culture).  

The sole shareholder is the German Land of Thüringen, represented by the Thuringian Ministry of Finance.

Since our foundation, around 200 employees and many more than 400 students have worked at IMMS.

Today, as in the past, we are committed to advancing Thüringen by transferring research results into applications and products. As a strategic partner, we support companies in launching internationally successful innovations for health, the environment and industry. We accompany our partners in their target applications from the feasibility study to series production.

We also strengthen Thüringen by qualifying young professionals. We supervise up to 40 students a year and enable them to start their careers in industry and application-oriented research with sound methodological knowledge and integration into practice.

For all of this, networking is the key. We have always done this with universities, above all with the Ilmenau TU, with industrial partners, with industry networks and competence clusters.

We are not only united by common experiences from the cooperation that has grown over the years. We also share the enthusiasm for pioneering innovations and the will to make things work on a solid scientific foundation.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our employees, the German Land of Thüringen, the members of our Supervisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board, the Ilmenau TU and all research partners, sponsors, friends, R&D partners and people who encourage us in what we do and who shape the future together with us.

Together with you, we would like to work on the next batch of ideas - we invite you to contact us!