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Voices from industry

Here you will find testimonials from our industrial partners. We would like to thank them for this.



Alexander Zimmer, X-FAB Global Services GmbH, Erfurt

”IMMS was able to offer us valuable support due to its many years of experience in the field of measurement technology and circuit design for optical sensors. The reliable work and the trusting partnership is a highly valued basis for the cooperation with IMMS.”


Damir Redžepagic, ArtIC Solutions

”Their experience in digital IC design, synthesis, place and route, verification and sign-off using the state-of-the art tools and methods makes IMMS a great partner to work with when developing mixed-signal integrated sensors.”


Dr. Arthur Singer, STABL Energy GmbH

“The self-image at the institute of thinking our way into our systems and proactively delivering solutions has helped us a lot. We are very satisfied with the results, as well as with the targeted, constructive and collegial way of working.“


Peter Otto, Postberg

“We are very satisfied with the result – the many years of IMMS experience in the design of embedded systems, with industrial projects and also the system understanding of IMMS from the previous product developments with SONOTEC have clearly contributed to the success.”


Hans-Christian Fritsch, Ilmsens

“We were particularly pleased that we, as a start-up from Thüringen with IMMS as its research institute, were able to create an innovative high-tech solution with the Thuringian semiconductor manufacturer X-FAB. We appreciate the high level of expertise and flexibility as well as the customer-oriented and target-oriented way of working of the colleagues from IMMS.”


Christian Paintz, Melexis

“Particularly in the evaluation of measurement data, IMMS has impressively demonstrated that a learning algorithm is on a par with manual evaluation – while saving a great deal of time. We are also continuing to pursue methods for circuit and layout analysis, as we see great research and application potential here as well.”