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Target markets

With our lead applications, we address specific research questions and application areas in the target markets:

  • Life Sciences
  • Automation technology and Industry 4.0
  • Environmental monitoring and smart city applications
  • Research institutions and ultra-precision mechanical engineering

We catalyse cutting-edge results from science into innovations through application-oriented developments. In doing so, we focus on societal challenges in application fields and target industries in which miniaturisation and the integration of electronics, mechatronics and software into intelligent and energy-efficient system solutions bear high innovation and growth potential.

Go to lead applications:

Lead application

Sensor systems for in-vitro diagnostics

Here we are developing sensor systems for in-vitro diagnostics that enable individual, decentralised health monitoring for all with electronic rapid tests.

Lead application

RFID sensor technology

We are researching energy-efficient solutions for RFID sensor technology in order to open up new applications and, for example, to make processes in industry more resource-efficient.

Lead application

Adaptive edge AI systems for industrial application

We are researching solutions for adaptive edge AI systems to make AI possible on low-consumption embedded systems in industry and to network them in real time.

Lead application

IoT systems for cooperative environmental monitoring

We are researching energy-efficient solutions for IoT systems to open up new applications for cooperative environmental monitoring, such as in agriculture.

High-precision drive systems with spatial (6D) positioning accuracies in the single-digit nm range.

Lead application

nm measurement and structuring of objects

To be able to manufacture the ever-increasing complexity of integrated systems on ever-smaller semiconductor surfaces, for example, we are researching ever more precise drives for the nanometre measurement and structuring of objects.