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Development of embedded systems

We develop embedded systems for you as complete solutions consisting of sensors and actuators, signal processing and communications technology as well as open-loop and closed-loop controls. To build these solutions, we use our know-how in the fields of internal interfaces, energy-efficient design, operating system support and application development. We offer you complete solutions from the idea to the implementation, which we also offer as partial services.

Service offering

  • Feasibility studies and system design
  • Modelling and simulation (FEM, thermal, network, ...)
  • PCB design
  • Hardware-related software incl. driver development
  • Commissioning and characterisation
  • Real-time optimisation of systems and communications
  • System optimisation regarding energy, size, performance
  • Application development
  • Production transition
  • Realisation of small series

Our portfolio includes:

  • Design with focus on modularity, expandability and scalability
  • ASIC/SoC design incl. sensor interface development
  • Selection and configuration of suitable embedded operating systems
  • Integration into existing IT systems
  • Application architecture and development

  • model-based FPGA development with MATLAB/Simulink® for Xilinx
  • development of vendor-independent IP cores on RT level with VHDL
  • inferfacing to microcontrollers/processors and hardware/software partitioning
  • high-performance sensor interfaces
  • implementation of communications interfaces
  • development of algorithms for digital signal processing
  • integration into overall systems

  • Development of machine learning (ML) algorithms
  • Resource-efficient implementation of the ML processing chain in terms of execution time, memory and energy consumption
  • Benchmarking of algorithms and systems

  • Porting of operating systems (board support packages for Linux and Android)
  • Interface and driver development
  • Real-time optimisation of operating systems
  • Implementation of complex embedded devices using exclusively/primarily open source software

  • Design and development of extensible SW architectures
  • Development of cross-platform software solutions
  • Implementation of user interfaces (native and web-based)

Application fields and technical equipment

  • Industry 4.0 and automation technology
    • Intelligent measurement and diagnostic solutions
    • Communications Gateways
  • Life sciences
    • HW/SW platforms for IVD applications
    • Mobile diagnostic systems
  • Environmental monitoring and smart city applications
    • Sensor networks
    • Intelligent measurement systems
    • Edge AI

  • Analysis
    • Network sniffer for analysis of radio-based communication
    • DC Power Analyzer for analysis and simulation of load profiles, as well as for measuring the current consumption of ULP devices (also long-term measurement)
    • PowerScale for measuring the current consumption of ULP devices (also long-term measurements)
    • EEMBC-Poweranalyzer measurement of current consumption based on industrial benchmarks
  • EMC measuring station
    • EMxpert - EMC diagnostic tool for fast spatially resolved diagnosis and solution of EMC problems
    • EMC near field probe set
    • Development system immunity E1 from Langer EMV-Technik with
      • magnetic field probing probe
      • galvanically isolated (FO) probes for analog and digital signals
  • Real-time capability and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)
    • Latency Measurement Box - With the OSADL Latency Measurement Box the requirements regarding the real-time capability of the developed Linux systems are proven especially for industrial use.
    • TSN Lab Infrastructure for testing own TSN endpoints and infrastructure
  • Ultrasonic and vibration sensor, artificial intelligence
    • Measurement systems capuring ultrasonic and vibaration signals as well as data from complementary slow channels
    • AI server with dedicated GPUs for machine learning



Dr.-Ing. Tino Hutschenreuther

Head of System Design

tino.hutschenreuther(at) (0) 3677 874 93 40

Dr. Tino Hutschenreuther will answer your questions on our research in Smart distributed measurement and test systems and the related core topics Analysis of distributed IoT systems, Embedded AI and Real-time data processing and communications, on the lead applications Adaptive edge AI systems for industrial application and IoT systems for cooperative environmental monitoring as well as on the range of services for the development of embedded systems.

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InSignA: Pilot project 1

IMMS collects microclimatic data across a building complex on the campus of Technische Universität Ilmenau for energy consumption optimisations.



IMMS developed a compact wireless sensor system for online monitoring of ongoing biochemical reactions in laboratories



IMMS is working on autonomous modular sensor systems for cost-effective options for data collection in agriculture.



IMMS contributes to automated monitoring of cooling lubricants: Sensor installation as proof of concept for determining coolant-relevant data.


Andy Carius, Indu-Sol

„The joint work was characterised by many ideas and a great deal of commitment by IMMS. We will gladly turn to IMMS again in future projects, especially in the area of data evaluation and classification, as we very much appreciate this type of cooperation.“


Peter Otto, Postberg

“We are very satisfied with the result – the many years of IMMS experience in the design of embedded systems, with industrial projects and also the system understanding of IMMS from the previous product developments with SONOTEC have clearly contributed to the success.”



Friedrich Becker, TURCK Electronics GmbH

“With its experience in the spheres of signal processing and integrating communications and systems for industry, IMMS contributed significantly to the execution of the science which the partners in Chemnitz and Offenburg derived from theoretical principles in cable diagnostics and communications interfaces.”


Dr. Uwe Stöpel, Funkwerk

“The result of the collaboration is a prototype which serves to log and monitor freight train functions along the whole length and to transmit the data in real time. And not only from that: also in the general cooperation, IMMS has accelerated the progress of the project by thinking along with our requirements and being open-minded in finding solutions that matched the need and the environment.”

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Lead application

Adaptive edge AI systems for industrial application

We are researching solutions for adaptive edge AI systems to make AI possible on low-consumption embedded systems in industry and to network them in real time.

Lead application

IoT systems for cooperative environmental monitoring

We are researching energy-efficient solutions for IoT systems to open up new applications for cooperative environmental monitoring, such as in agriculture.

Core topic

Embedded AI

The numerous existing AI algorithms and methods for high-performance computing are unsuitable for embedded systems. We are researching to optimise AI algorithms and methods so that they can be used on embedded systems.

Research field

Smart distributed measurement and test systems

Integrated sensor ICs are the heart of sensor and measurement systems like wireless sensors, stationary or handheld devices. We are researching solutions for ever more powerful sensors with more intrinsic intelligence and task allocation in the network.