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Jonathan Josue Gamez Rodriguez, M.Sc., scientific employee

”Since I have been working at IMMS, I have been continuously expanding my knowledge from my studies and at the same time I can try out new concepts and methods to find ever better solutions.”

”IMMS offers an extremely creative and versatile working atmosphere. The implementation of projects with various partners from science and industry always brings new challenges that have to be met. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, a wide range of competences in the team and an open working atmosphere, I am developing on a professional level and also have a lot of fun with the tasks.

I mainly deal with the software development of embedded sensor systems. This usually involves several steps: configuration and communications with sensors through various protocols, acquisition and processing of data and transmission to other systems. Such operations are increasingly relevant in our modern world, where automation and self-monitoring of processes increase their efficiency and thus our quality of life.

Since I have been working at IMMS, I have been continuously expanding my knowledge from my studies and at the same time I can try out new concepts and methods to find ever better solutions. The tasks are always new and never boring. If a subtask of a project is very complex, I can always turn to my colleagues to either discuss alternative solutions in the team or get help directly. I experience this willingness to help not only from colleagues from the same team, but also from colleagues from other departments.

One also finds resonance among work colleagues for private initiatives. A great example in my experience is the participation in the Stadtradeln (city cycling) competition, which I suggested. Many colleagues were happy to participate, and the motivation was so good that we were awarded gold by the Ilmenau municipality this year – but above all, it was a lot of fun. I can say the environment is very friendly and I feel very comfortable.“

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Core topic

Analysis of distributed IoT systems

For complex distributed IoT systems, we model components for system-wide analysis of energy consumption. We put intelligence into the network, enable tasks to be solved flexibly and autonomously, and make individual functions portable and robust.

Service for R&D

Development of embedded systems

We develop embedded systems for you as complete solutions consisting of sensors and actuators, signal processing and communications technology as well as open-loop and closed-loop controls.

Core topic

Real-time data processing and communications

New hardware is usually not supported by operating systems for real-time tasks. We are researching which operating system can be implemented in which way for which real-time application and the hardware required there.

Research field

Smart distributed measurement and test systems

Integrated sensor ICs are the heart of sensor and measurement systems like wireless sensors, stationary or handheld devices. We are researching solutions for ever more powerful sensors with more intrinsic intelligence and task allocation in the network.