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Vertrauenswürdige Elektronik 2022

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„Vertrauenswürdig?“ (“Trustworthy?”)

VE-ARiS – „Alberich“. Machine-Learning-basierte Vorhersage der Kopierbarkeit von ASICs (VE-ARiS - “Alberich”. Machine learning-based prediction of ASIC copyability)


Georg Gläser, Projekt VE-VIDES (Block I)

Florian Kögler, Projekt VE-ARiS. (Block II)

Digital Conference of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on trustworthy electronics


We show first insights into the ongoing work in the VIDES project (Block I: Trustworthiness through unique identifiability) and in the ARiS project (Block II: Methods and procedures for concealment and protection against reverse engineering).

In ARiS, we are working on copy protection for integrated circuits to secure partners' know-how. In VIDES, we are researching innovative chip architectures, modelling and verification methods for trustworthy electronics and better protection against hacker attacks.

With these two projects, we are expanding our range of services for the development of integrated circuits and for IC design methods.

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Against hacker attacks: Innovative chip architectures, modelling and verification methods for trustworthy electronics



We are developing copy protection solutions for integrated circuits to secure the know-how of partners

Press release,

Elektronischer Knowhow-Schutz für innovative Sensorsysteme

iC-Haus, IMMS und Wachendorff starten BMBF-Verbundprojekt VE-ARiS

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Core topic

AI-based design and test automation

We are researching to use AI to make the development process of integrated sensor systems safer and more cost-effective. AI can help developers in the process to avoid errors and apply informal knowledge in an automated way.

Service for R&D

IC design methods

We develop new AI-based methods and tools for your system-on-chip and FPGA designs to master the increasing complexity of integrated systems and thus further increase performance.

Service for R&D

Integrated Circuits

We offer the design and realisation of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) in CMOS, BiCMOS and SOI technologies. We achieve well-performing ASICs with our first runs (first-time right silicon).

Research field

Integrated sensor systems

Here we investigate miniaturised systems manufactured in semiconductor technology consisting of microelectronic components for sensors applications, as well as methods to design these highly complex systems efficiently and safely.



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