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Analog 2020

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Zwei Vorträge auf der 17. ITG/GMM-Fachtagung Analog 2020, Analoge Schaltungen: Schlüsselsysteme für Automotive, IoT und zukünftige drahtlose Technologien


Ain’t got time for this? Reducing manual evaluation effort with Machine Learning based Grouping of Analog Waveform Test Data. Tom Reinhold1, Marco Seeland2, Martin Grabmann1, Christian Paintz3, Patrick Mäder2, Georg Gläser1.1IMMS, 2Technische Universität Ilmenau, 3Melexis GmbH.

Error patterns in measurement data of mixed-signal integratedcircuits and MEMS are classified manually so far. The authors present a new method with ML algorithms for automatic grouping of similar failure scenarios. In a case study with an industrial testdata set the efficiency could be improved by a factor of 14.

Entwurf, Evaluierung und Optimierung von HF- und UHF-RFID-Sensorsystemen. Björn Bieske, Tom Reinhold, Jun Tan.

RFID is established for contact-free identification in many areas. The combination of wireless energy and data transmission with low-power sensors opens up a wide range of possibilities for new applications. The evaluation and optimization of such sensor systems creates new demands on measurement technology. Based on special RFID readers and laboratory measuring devices, it will be shown how a universal measuring station for complex measuring sequences on RFID transponders with sensor connection can be set up using standard PXI modules.

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The IMMS researched assistance systems for chip designers: Machine Learning improves design and test methods for integrated analogue/mixed-signal…



Systematic design and economical manufacture for intelligent multi-sensor systems in small quantities

Press release,

EDA Competition Award for "Trash or Treasure" - Intelligent Layout Processing

1st prize of the IEEE CEDA goes to young scientists from Ilmenau TU and IMMS

Press release,

Hochgenau und batteriefrei per RFID messen

IMMS-Doktorand verteidigt Dissertation zu präziser passiver RFID-Sensorik

Press release,

Forschergruppe „IntelligEnt“ gestartet: Künstliche Intelligenz und Machine Learning für den Entwurf von Mikroelektronik

IMMS und TU Ilmenau forschen an neuartigen Assistenzsystemen für Chip-Designer

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Best Paper Award Runner-Up for MEMS-ASIC-Gesamtdesignmethodik

Implemented acceleration sensor to validate the novel method


1st Place – EDA Competition Award für den Beitrag: Trash or Treasure? Machine-learning based PCB layout anomaly detection with AnoPCB

Henning Franke


Best Paper Award Runner-Up für den Beitrag: Systematic MEMS ASIC Design Flow using the Example of an Acceleration Sensor

Jenny Klaus



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