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Annual report 2022 online

Dear readers,

In 2022, our activities as innovative researchers were recognised: the “sUSe” sensor platform for optimising energy efficiency in industry received a nomination for the Thüringen 2022 Innovation Award. The system is being prepared for market launch with the development partner SONOTEC. This is, among many others, a relevant example of how results from research become innovation for companies and help to support the competitiveness of our partners. We also received an iENA bronze medal for a patent on a microelectromechanical acceleration sensor, and together with the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt a further one for a patent on a new sealing arrangement for more precise displacement measurement in high-tech applications.

The last two solutions were developed in our mechatronics department. Since the end of 2022, Ludwig Herzog has been heading this division. Together with his team, he will continue to advance the research field of magnetic 6D direct drives with nanometre precision towards sub-nanometre accuracy. Results on a new generation of lifting and actuating units for vertical nanopositioning with up to 25 mm travel range for industrial applications can be found in this report.

In the integrated sensor systems research field, important milestones were reached in 2022 for AI-based design and test automation, which will make the design and testing of complex microelectronics chips safer and faster. In three technical articles on more efficient simulations, automated verification and a hardware testbench for chip design, the results are presented in this report.

In the research field of intelligent measurement and test systems, we have developed solutions for application developments in industry and health, among others. Three technical articles deal with a mobile multi-sensor testing device for the maintenance of rolling bearings, sensor technology for the online monitoring of membrane reactors for dialysis processes and in-vitro protein synthesis of large sample volumes, as well as a measuring system for single-photon counting and picosecond measurements for research on quantum technology.

The strategic orientation in our research fields, lead applications and target markets as well as services has been visible since 2022 through the relaunch of our website. This was conceived and realised by the corporate communications team, which was restructured at the beginning of 2022. Since then, Beate Hövelmans has been heading the team. In addition to the website, the focus here was on the launch of videos for the promotion of young scientists. In the videos, testimonials illustrate how we prepare students for their careers in research and development, from the basics to starting a job, and thus strengthen the region.

All this and more would not have been possible without funding and support and, above all, without our dedicated staff.

Many thanks to all those who support us and help us to launch innovations. You will find examples of this in the report.

We wish you much pleasure reading it.

Ralf Sommer
Scientific Managing Director        

Martin Eberhardt
Financial Managing Director

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Dipl.-Hdl. Dipl.-Des. Beate Hövelmans

Head of Corporate Communications

beate.hoevelmans(at) (0) 3677 874 93 13

Beate Hövelmans is responsible for the text and image editorial work on this website, for the social media presence of IMMS on LinkedIn and YouTube, the annual reports, for press and media relations with regional and specialist media and other communication formats. She provides texts, photographs and video material for your reporting on IMMS, arranges contacts for interviews and is the contact person for events.

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