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Your contact for Mechatronics


Dr.-Ing. Ludwig Herzog

Head of Mechatronics

ludwig.herzog(at) (0) 3677 874 93 60

Dr. Ludwig Herzog will provide detail on our research on magnetic 6D direct drives with nm precision for the nm measurement and structuring of objects. He supports you with services for the development of mechatronic systems, for simulation, design and test of MEMS as well as for finite element modelling (FEM) and simulation.

Mechatronics department

Our mechatronics team is interdisciplinary to ensure success in research and development for application-specific mechatronic systems for research and industrial customers, and takes care of the

  • design of electro-magnetic actuators,
  • modelling and simulation of the static, dynamic and thermal behaviour of mechatronic systems,
  • development of suitable control algorithms and their programming, as well as the
  • practical implementation in the form of prototypes.

Most of our scientific staff have academic degrees in mechatronics and control engineering as well as in related fields of study such as mathematics or electrical engineering.

We supervise four to six students per year in internships, bachelor's and master's theses at our location in Ilmenau. In addition, we provide staff for the SME Digital Team at IMMS.

We support you with research and development in the following areas

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Service for R&D

Development of mechatronic systems

We develop actuator systems and open- and closed-loop controls as embedded solutions according to customer specifications with highest demands on precision, dynamics, available space, performance and efficiency.

Service for R&D

Finite Element Modeling

We support you in the concept and development phase of new products with calculations and simulations to shorten development times and improve product parameters such as weight & material savings or minimisation of natural vibrations.

Research field

Magnetic 6D direct drives with nm precision

To enable the manufacturing of macroscopic high-tech products with microscopic precision, we are researching scientific principles and technical solutions for nanopositioning systems for large motion ranges.

Service for R&D

MEMS – simulation, design and test

As a design house for the open technology platform XMB-10 from X-FAB, we develop acceleration sensors according to your specification in a semi-automated design process.

High-precision drive systems with spatial (6D) positioning accuracies in the single-digit nm range.

Lead application

nm measurement and structuring of objects

To be able to manufacture the ever-increasing complexity of integrated systems on ever-smaller semiconductor surfaces, for example, we are researching ever more precise drives for the nanometre measurement and structuring of objects.

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Dr. Denis Dontsov, Geschäftsführer der SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH.


Dr. Denis Dontsov, SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH

“The positioning results achieved clearly have high potential for resolving detailed enquiries from future customers and for new types of SIOS nanopositioning systems offering a significantly extended field of measurement.”



Prof. Dr. Almuth Einspanier, Leipzig University

”Ever since 2011, we have been researching a process that will enable us reliably to determine the sex of a chicken by hormone analysis before it hatches. In IMMS we found a partner to investigate with us whether mechanised, multiple sampling might be feasible in principle.”

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Michael Muth, AeroLas

“We have for many years been appreciative of our cooperation with IMMS. The results from this project will be the basis of product design to the specification of future AeroLas customers. IMMS will likewise be an important partner for us in future developments because of its outstanding expertise in the field of magnetic drives.“

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erich Barke

“The Erfurt branch of IMMS is involved in finding methods by which models can be efficiently simulated. Not only the excellent collaboration but also the publication success bring me much pleasure.”

High-precision drive systems with spatial (6D) positioning accuracies in the single-digit nm range.



For fundamental research on nanometrology and nanofabrication at Ilmenau TU, the nanofabrication machine NFM-100 was realised as a system which…



IMMS developed actuators to position objects in planes with diameters up to 200 mm and a vertical stroke of 25 mm with nanometre precision.



Novel 6DOF integrated direct drive moving large objects with small vertical dimensions through nanometre spaces


Regional Growth Core HIPS

Design library, simulations and evaluation circuits for the development of novel, robust and compact SiCer sensors