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Project MEMS-T-Lab

In the MEMS-T-Lab, IMMS takes highly complex semi-automated measurements for complete MEMS wafers

The MEMS-T-Lab provides the prerequisites for modelling MEMS parametrically and characterising them metrologically with regard to their system-relevant mechanical parameters on the basis of deformation and frequency measurements:

  • a measuring system to inspect the topography of MEMS components at wafer level with an interface to a semi-automatic wafer probe station;
  • a software system for the modelling of mechanical properties of MEMS systems as a basis for recognition of the shape and materials parameters that are of relevance to functioning;
  • a semi-automatic wafer probe station to enable the formation of rapid and accurate contact to the ICs on wafer level so that the properties can be determined in an environment shielded from light and EMI at temperatures between -50 °C and 200 °C.
  • a modular test platform for electrically stimulating ICs, modules and systems and measuring their parameters; also for the exploration of flexible, high-performance test-system architectures that have efficient hardware components.

The technology supports a high complexity of semi-automated measurements for complete wafers with modelling tools, measurement technology and laboratory equipment.

Wafer prober and test platform form a functional unit in investigations for technology and design optimisation, for evaluating the quality and reliability of integrated circuits and sensor systems, and for researching new and fast test methods.

Acronym / Name:

MEMS-T-Lab / Setup of a test lab for MEMS-based micro systems in modern technologies

Duration:2013 – 2014


Research field:Integrated sensor systems


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    Dipl.-Ing. Michael Meister

    Head of Industrial Electronics and Measurement Technology

    michael.meister(at) (0) 3677 874 93 20

    Michael Meister is your contact for testing services, the development of test methodologies, and long-term measurements. He answers your questions on Modular and mobile test systems that we develop in our research in Smart distributed measurement and test systems as well as about testing and characterisation of integrated sensor systems. He is responsible for the test equipment at IMMS and will support you in the validation of ASIC and MEMS developments.


    The MEMS-T-Lab infrastructure project received funding from the “Land” of Thüringen (project code 12031-715) and from the EU in the EFRE (regional development) context.

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