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IID 2023

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1) Talk: New CMOS sensors for innovative life sciences applications - Made in Thüringen

2) Discussion: Integrated optical sensor technology


1) Eric Schäfer

2) Eric Schäfer (IMMS), Alexander Zimmer (X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries GmbH)

Industry Innovation Dialogue: New paths in microelectronics – diversification for more resilience

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The IMMS is developing a CMOS image sensor for time-resolved fluorescence detection for direct integration into microfluidic cartridges using 3D…



IMMS has developed a chip for mobile diagnostic systems for the early detection of diseases using time-resolved fluorescence measurements.

Press release,

CMOS image sensor platform for time-resolved fluorescence measurements with europium

Quantitative readout of test strips demonstrates broad applicability in in-vitro diagnostics



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