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Intelligent measuring clamp detects parasitic currents in industrial plant

Presented by IMMS at the embedded world 2015, Hall 4, Booth 160 (OSADL joint booth).

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IMMS released a new version of its SENT transmitter IP for next-generation smart sensors in automotive applications

SENT is a digital point-to-point communication scheme for use in applications where high-resolution sensor data needs to be transmitted from a sensor to a control unit. It constitutes a low-cost alternative to the LIN and CAN bus standards for the automotive industry, e.g. for the transmission of the exhaust temperature to the engine control unit (ECU). IMMS’ newest release of its SENT transmitter IP “D2026C” now supports the transmission of up to 16-bit data from two independent sensors. The…

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IMMS Receives Best Paper Award For Work On Energy-Efficient Sensor

The CMOS temperature sensor was presented at the APCCAS 2014 and is designed for energy-autonomous sensor systems with power supply from MEMS energy harvesting modules.

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IMMS receives Best Paper Award for MEMS Energy Harvesting Module

Ilmenau, 22.09.2014. On Friday at the ANALOG 2014 conference in Hannover, Germany, IMMS researchers received the Best Paper Award for their article and lecture "A System Architecture for an Integrated Electrostatic MEMS Energy Harvesting Module". This work on the development of miniaturized energy harvesters will establish innovative supply options for self-powered wireless microsensor networks.

The presented topic was part of the the GreenSense research project which started in 2012.…

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Rapid Prototyping Platform for Embedded System Solutions

Embedded world 2014, Hall 5, Booth 276.

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