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New head of mechatronics

Dr.-Ing. Ludwig Herzog has been leading the mechatronics team at IMMS since 1 December 2022

Dr.-Ing. Ludwig Herzog became head of the mechatronics department at IMMS on 1 December. He had previously led development at PREMETEC Automation GmbH. The internationally active company for automation and precision measurement technology from Suhl, Germany, had collaborated with IMMS in the past on nano-positioning and nano-measuring machines. Ludwig Herzog had already completed his studies in automotive engineering in Ilmenau, including a doctorate, and now returned to further advance the research and development for magnetic 6D direct drives with nanometre precision and application-specific mechatronic systems for research partners and industrial customers together with the interdisciplinary team.

Welcome to IMMS. We wish lots of fun and much success!

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Service for R&D

Development of mechatronic systems

We develop actuator systems and open- and closed-loop controls as embedded solutions according to customer specifications with highest demands on precision, dynamics, available space, performance and efficiency.

Service for R&D

Finite Element Modeling

We support you in the concept and development phase of new products with calculations and simulations to shorten development times and improve product parameters such as weight & material savings or minimisation of natural vibrations.

Research field

Magnetic 6D direct drives with nm precision

To enable the manufacturing of macroscopic high-tech products with microscopic precision, we are researching scientific principles and technical solutions for nanopositioning systems for large motion ranges.

Service for R&D

MEMS – simulation, design and test

As a design house for the open technology platform XMB-10 from X-FAB, we develop acceleration sensors according to your specification in a semi-automated design process.

High-precision drive systems with spatial (6D) positioning accuracies in the single-digit nm range.

Lead application

nm measurement and structuring of objects

To be able to manufacture the ever-increasing complexity of integrated systems on ever-smaller semiconductor surfaces, for example, we are researching ever more precise drives for the nanometre measurement and structuring of objects.



Dipl.-Hdl. Dipl.-Des. Beate Hövelmans

Head of Corporate Communications

beate.hoevelmans(at) (0) 3677 874 93 13

Beate Hövelmans is responsible for the text and image editorial work on this website, for the social media presence of IMMS on LinkedIn and YouTube, the annual reports, for press and media relations with regional and specialist media and other communication formats. She provides texts, photographs and video material for your reporting on IMMS, arranges contacts for interviews and is the contact person for events.