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DATE 2021

Date, Type of contribution, Location:
Presentation at the Virtual University Booth / BarCamp


BarCamp on 1 February:

Georg Gläser, IMMS, is one of the organizers of the edaBarCamp series. The first online BarCamp is part of DATE 2021. Researchers, engineers and students from the areas of electronic design automation (EDA), microelectronics and (embedded) systems design are invited to present and discuss ideas and results of the ongoing scientific work.

Demo on 2 February:

Modular hardware and software platform for the rapid implementation of ASIC-based bioanalytical test systems. Alexander Hofmann, Peggy Reich, Marco Götze, Alexander Rolapp, Sebastian Uziel, Thomas Elste, Bianca Leistritz, Björn Bieske, Wolfram Kattanek

A modular, flexible and powerful hardware and software platform for the test and characterization of sensor ASICs for point-of-care diagnostics is presented here. The solution includes functional modules for power supply, electrical signal processing, digital signal processing, and modules for the control of fluidics, light sources, and heating elements. The platform software covers the control of the hardware modules as well as the acquisition and processing of measurement data. In addition, it enables the automated execution of measurement sequences. The platform is demonstrated by a prototypical bioanalytical measurement system based on an optoelectronic sensor ASIC for highly sensitive measurements of light absorption in liquids.



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