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21. ITG/GMA Fachtagung Sensoren und Messsysteme 2022

Date, Type of contribution, Location:
11.05.2022,Lectures,Nürnberg, Germany

Energieautarkes NFC-Messsystem zum Auslesen von LFA-Teststreifen (Energy-autonomous NFC measuring system for reading out LFA test strips)


Markus Ismer, Alexander Rolapp, Björn Bieske

Accompanying conference of the SENSOR + TEST 2022 trade fair on sensors and measurement systems


For small, mobile measuring systems, the energy supply plays a key role. Depending on the application, it may not be possible, undesirable or costly to use a battery or accumulator. Examples of this are special point-of-care tests (POCTs). For single-use tests with electronic evaluation, a battery would limit the storage time and pose a problem for disposal. The remedy is energy-autonomous sensor technology, with which a novel measuring system with demonstrator was developed at IMMS. This is used for the energy-autonomous, quantitative reading of lateral flow assay (LFA) test strips. Near Field Communication (NFC) is used to supply the circuit with energy and to transmit measured values to a smartphone. The measuring system draws all the energy for measurement and communications from the electromagnetic field of a smartphone.

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Core topic

Modular and mobile test systems

Test capabilities are an integral part of all application developments. We research modular test systems that can be adapted flexibly and quickly to new challenges through optimised functional test units.

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RFID sensor technology

We are researching energy-efficient solutions for RFID sensor technology in order to open up new applications and, for example, to make processes in industry more resource-efficient.

Lead application

Sensor systems for in-vitro diagnostics

Here we are developing sensor systems for in-vitro diagnostics that enable individual, decentralised health monitoring for all with electronic rapid tests.

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Test and characterisation

We test, characterise and qualify your circuits, sensors and systems. Based on our excellent pool of measurement equipment, we develop an individually adapted test environment for measurements on wafers and individual components.



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