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Press release, 14/09/2022

Wir nehmen Abschied von Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Dagmar Schipanski

(*3. September 1943, † 7. September 2022)

Sie war stets eine Förderin des IMMS und hat das Institut mit viel Initiative begleitet von der Gründung bis heute.

Event, 09/27/2022


Technology Conference “Energy Supply - Complex Growth Market in Transition”, talk: AI for energy-efficient sensor systems – Efficient monitoring of plant and machinery

Event, 29/09/2022

FED Conference

30th Conference of the German Association for Design, Printed Circuit Board and Electronics Manufacturing (FED), talk: Machine learning in PCB design: Open source between research, potential and everyday life

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We are researching the use of ultra-low power embedded memories in wireless sensor front-end ICs for monitoring the condition of wind turbines and individual plants produced in greenhouses.



IMMS researches image sensors for chemiluminescence assays with Thuringian industry and institutes from Erfurt-Südost and Jena



IMMS develops real-time capable platform and algorithms for mobile multi-sensor inspection device for conveyor belt maintenance

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We support you from from the concept stage until series maturity

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We conduct research to harness cutting-edge results from science for industry. Through application-oriented developments we strengthen industry's competitiveness with innovations.

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Lead applications

Our lead applications bridge the gap from research to industry. Based on our research, we develop, for example, sensor systems for in-vitro diagnostics for individual, decentralised health monitoring with electronic rapid tests.

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Services for R&D

We provide support during the entire R&D process from concept and design of devices and modules to transfer to industrial production. You can cooperate with us in funded projects or commission services directly.

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