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Event, 11/28/2023

euspen SIG: Micro/Nano Manufacturing 2023

euspen Special Interest Group Meeting: Micro/Nano Manufacturing 2023

Event, 11/06/2023

MetroAgriFor 2023

2023 International IEEE Workshop on Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry, Pisa, Italy

Jakob Hampel (IMMS) und Geert Brokmann (CiS e.V.) bei der Preisverleihung des Silicon-Science-Awards des CiS.

Press release, 09/04/2023

Silicon Science Award geht an Nachwuchsforscher von IMMS und TU Ilmenau

Arbeit zu zeitkorrelierter Einzelphotonenzählung für Messungen im Pikosekundenbereich ausgezeichnet

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IMMS is developing an AI-based control system for resource-efficient online optimisation of injection moulding

High-precision drive systems with spatial (6D) positioning accuracies in the single-digit nm range.



For fundamental research on nanometrology and nanofabrication at Ilmenau TU, the nanofabrication machine NFM-100 was realised as a system which enables the scanning of surfaces (AFM) as well as the processing by field emission scanning probe lithography for the first time in an xy-travel range of Ø100 mm.



The IMMS is developing a CMOS image sensor for time-resolved fluorescence detection for direct integration into microfluidic cartridges using 3D screen printing.

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We conduct research to harness cutting-edge results from science for industry. Through application-oriented developments we strengthen industry's competitiveness with innovations.

Messaufbau für zeitaufgelöste Fluoreszenz-Messungen.

Lead application

Lead applications

Our lead applications bridge the gap from research to industry. Based on our research, we develop, for example, sensor systems for in-vitro diagnostics for individual, decentralised health monitoring with electronic rapid tests.

Bildmontage mit Intelligenten Stromzangen und Dienstleistungsflow von der Idee bis zur Fertigungsüberleitung.

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We provide support during the entire R&D process from concept and design of devices and modules to transfer to industrial production. You can cooperate with us in funded projects or commission services directly.

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