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Analog EDA Using Knowledge-Based Methods

Ralf Sommer1. Jürgen Scheible3. Benjamin Prautsch2. Lorenz Renner1. Till Moldenhauer3. Yannick Uhlmann3.

edaWorkshop 2024 and the European Nanoelectronics Applications, Design & Technology Conference (ADTC), 9. - 10. April 2024, Dresden, Germany

1IMMS Institut für Mikroelektronik- und Mechatronik-Systeme gemeinnützige GmbH, Ehrenbergstraße 27, 98693 Ilmenau, Germany. 2Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS Institutsteil Entwicklung Adaptiver Systeme EAS, Dresden, Germany. 3University Reutlingen, Germany.

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IMMS researches ultra-low-power architectures (ULP) and circuit concepts as well as energy-efficient edge-AI systems with overall system energy modeling