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We will inform you about upcoming talks and presentations at international conferences, about workshops that we regularly offer in Mittelstand-Digital, about the eda-BarCamp series that we co-initiated in 2016, and about events at IMMS.

Current events


GeMiC 2018

Thermal Modeling and Measurement of a Power Amplifier Module for a Silicon-Ceramic Substrate

Authors: A. Frank1, V. Silva Cortes2, Steffen Michael1, A. Hagelauer2, G. Fischer2

1IMMS Institut für Mikroelektronik- und Mechatroniksysteme gemeinnützige GmbH Ilmenau, Germany 2Institute for Electronics Engineering, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany


TuZ 2018


Jenaer Technologietag

„Digitale Arbeitswelten – Auf in die Neue (Arbeits-) Welt“


edaBarCamp -- the next generation!

Originating from our PhD meetings in a german research project, we gained the idea of starting an open research meeting based on the barcamp-concept.

Our event series


Events in Mittelstand Digital

As ”Smart Sensor Systems Model Factory“ in the “SME Digital Centre Ilmenau” (Mittelstand Digital), we regularly invite specialists and managersto free regulars’ tables, workshops, lecture events and information days on AI and industry 4.0.


edaBarCamp series

All events and general information on the BarCamp series on electronic design automation that we co-initiated and have been co-organising since 2016.



Dipl.-Hdl. Dipl.-Des. Beate Hövelmans

Head of Corporate Communications

beate.hoevelmans(at) (0) 3677 874 93 13

Beate Hövelmans is responsible for the text and image editorial work on this website, for the social media presence of IMMS on LinkedIn and YouTube, the annual reports, for press and media relations with regional and specialist media and other communication formats. She provides texts, photographs and video material for your reporting on IMMS, arranges contacts for interviews and is the contact person for events.