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ISC 2017

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2 Lectures: 59th Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium – Engineering for a Changing World


Conception of a design methodology for application-specific electromagnetic Energie-Harvester, Bianca Leistritz, Wolfram Kattanek

Abstract: For energy harvesters to be used efficiently, they must be adapted to the respective application. For kinetic excitations electromagnetic harvesters are very promising, as they allow a high degree of freedom in the design and thus optimally adapted designs. A corresponding design methodology was developed in a current research project. It is implemented as a design tool in MATLAB®, which performs an automated comparison between different basic structures. In addition to explaining the general structure of the design process, first results of structural comparisons are also presented. It was shown that the application-specific requirements are most important for the evaluation of the basic structures.

Development of an integrated guiding and actuation element for high dynamic nanopositioning systems, S. Gorges1, B. Leistritz1, S. Hesse1, I. Ortlepp2, G. Slotta3, C. Schaeffel1; 1IMMS Institut für Mikroelektronik- und Mechatronik-Systeme gemeinnützige GmbH, Ilmenau, 2Institut für Prozessmess- und Sensortechnik, TU Ilmenau, 3AeroLas GmbH, Unterhaching

Abstract: In nano precision technology, actuating along the vertical axis is a special challenge because of the permanent gravitational force. In this paper, the development of an integrated guiding and actuation element for the vertical motion is presented. A pneumatic-cylinder-like setup is used with its pressure being load controlled, to compensate the gravitational force of the load. An additional electromagnetic drive creates only dynamic forces for the precision motion, keeping the ohmic heat emission to a minimum. For the verti-cal guiding an aerostatic bushing is used. The whole setup sits on a planar aerostatic bearing pad. Therefore, translational friction can be neglected. Initial testing results of such a unit are presented and an outlook for future research work is given.

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