We connect IT to the real world

IMMS serves small and medium-sized industrial enterprises through preliminary research. It acts as their strategic partner in the development of microelectronic and mechatronic products and of systems technology. With its solutions, the institute connects information technology to the real world. For its partners, IMMS is the cutting edge, slicing through the barriers between research results and manufacturing. The institute is thus a veritable bridge between science and industry.


2019 annual report online ()

Here you can find the contents in brief and the entire report which is linked to further…more »

Projektstart von BICCell: Impedanz-Chip für vielfältige neue Anwendungen ()

iba und IMMS entwickeln integrierte Schaltung für Relaxationsspektroskopiemore »

Monitoring von Mikroklima und Trockenstress im Obstbau ()

IMMS installiert Mikroklimamessnetz beim Lehr- und Versuchszentrum Gartenbau Erfurtmore »

Selection of current projects

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Novel 6DOF integrated direct drive moving large objects with small vertical dimensions through nanometre spacesmore »

BICCell ()

IMMS is researching an integrated circuit for miniaturised, fast and broadband impedance analyses, e.g. on biosensors. more »

Ovutinin ()

For an innovative rapid test for fertility diagnostics, IMMS is developing an image sensor for time-resolved fluorescence measurement.more »