Novel high-precision drive for movements over long distances of travel. Photograph: IMMS.

High-precision drives

The continuous reduction in the size of the structural elements of technical products in many different sectors increases the demand for precision machinery with which tiniest structures and objects can be measured and manufactured with high accuracy. There are many such objects having spatial extents from millimetres to centimetres, while surface characteristics and functional elements are just a few microns or nanometres in size and have to be positioned with a precision less than one nanometre in the production process.

To blaze the trail for the manufacturing of components from the macro-world with the precision that is associated with the micro- and nano-world, we conduct research on the scientific fundamentals and technical solutions to implement nanopositioning systems acting over long distances of travel. Our highly dynamic integrated multi-coordinate drives move objects with the same accuracy over distances of several hundred millimetres within the shortest time. Our solutions are intended for use under vacuum, in cleanrooms and sites with particular requirements for thermal insulation and elimination of vibrations.