Energy-efficient system to connect wireless sensors for building automation and other applications. Photograph: IMMS.

Energy-efficient and energy-autonomous systems

CPSs (cyber-physical systems) consist of linked embedded electronic hardware/software components communicating via data networks and interacting with the real world by means of sensors and actuators. CPSs form the basis of the ”Internet of Things and Services“ and for future implementations of complex and distributed control and automation systems to bring forward industrial production (”Industry 4.0“) and energy management (”Smart grid“), amongst others.

As CPSs will thus contain a huge number of components and will be massively distributed, energy- and resource-efficiency of those systems are of great significance. Our research therefore focuses on the development of highly energy-efficient microelectronic and embedded systems for the acquisition, processing and communication of measurement and control data. For this purpose, we investigate and create hardware and software solutions for wired and wireless sensor and actuator networks, particularly regarding aspects such as real-time capability and energy-autonomous operation.