IMMS and a project partner implementing a system to connect IT to the real world. Photograph: IMMS.


We bridge the gap between science and industry

This vital task cannot be undertaken in the context of the pure research conducted at universities. Despite this, if an idea is to be taken from the drawing board through to the market launch, the task is sine qua non. Such transfer from pure research to its application is expensive in human and other resources. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in particular, can rarely afford this bridging activity from their own resources, for they lack not only the necessary research capacity, but also the financial strength to undertake such a huge task.

With a focus on strengthening the national and international competitiveness of SMEs, IMMS’ mission is to enable our partners to bridge this multiannual industrialization gap. To be prepared for the challenges arising from emerging technologies and future applications, we constantly align our strategic activities with current global R&D trends.

The bridge between science and industry is rendered stable by the Institute’s close cooperation with Ilmenau University of Technology (TU) and its industrial partners, and also strengthened by IMMS’ position in organizational networks and clustered centres of excellence and by its policy of encouraging new talent.

We connect the digital to the analog world

Connecting the digital to the analog world requires smart systems solutions that involve digital data processing capabilities, mechanical and electronic sensor and actuator components, and links to a common data communication infrastructure, e.g. the Internet. The members of our R&D staff analyse the physical conditions (the analog world) and processes of future systems, such as machines or industrial plants, and map them onto IT applications. These results are integrated into our system designs, based on which we support our partners from science and industry in developing and optimising complete solutions from the concept stage until prototype production.