Early experiments with a mobile testing system to contribute to integrated systems of personalised cancer diagnosis at an early stage. Photograph: IMMS.
Early experiments to contribute to integrated systems of personalised cancer diagnosis. Photograph: IMMS.

Life Sciences

IMMS connects microelectronics and life sciences for diagnostic systems

IMMS’ life science focus is the research and development of application-specific integrated electronic circuits (ASICs) and sensor systems for quantitative rapid tests and in-vitro diagnosis and for the monitoring of therapeutic progress. The novel systems bring closer a future of point-of-care testing for, among other things, early cancer diagnosis, which is fast, reliable, cheap and largely automated.

IMMS therefore builds upon its multi-parameter microelectronics-based platforms and harnesses off-the-shelf, reasonably priced fabrication techniques and CMOS technology, incorporating them into innovative diagnostic systems. One important research focus of IMMS is the integration of a variety of detection principles into a single electronic sensor chip which can be used to measure biological and chemical features. IMMS works in close conjunction with its life science partners to match the systems to their application, for instance by providing interfaces that are made of biocompatible materials or by accommodating the packaging.

IMMS pools expertise for life science applications of its partners

IMMS works on solutions for harsh conditions and for high-precision applications. It develops energy-efficient, robust and biocompatible electronic sensor and actuator systems. Such systems are able, for example, to acquire, to process and to send data out of implants, fluids or humid environments over years. Furthermore, IMMS develops high-precision drives for use in medical technology and for a particle-free manufacture of biotech products with a precision less than one nanometre.

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    Commissioned by Leipzig University, IMMS has created a prototype device for automatic sexing of hen eggs. more »


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    Smart Jacket

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    In the project a microelectronic system was developed to three-dimensionally measure neuronal activity and stimulate nerve cells. more »


    For bio-analysis IMMS developed energy-efficient multi-parametric RFID microsensors and energy harvesting modules for operating autonomous sensors. more »


    Within the project a novel planar drive system was developed which is magnetically guided and moves objects with nanometer precision. more »


    The drive system for a terahertz camera allows security checks whereby people can be effectively scanned for hidden objects as they simply pass by. more »