Photograph: Fotolia #84706238 / Author: Hamik.

Industry 4.0

IMMS works on “Industry 4.0“ network solutions to acquire, process and communicate measurement and control data for the automation and the open/closed-loop control of machines and industrial plant.

For this purpose, IMMS develops energy- and resource-efficient sensor systems, mechatronic precision actuators, embedded hardware/software components and systems. These systems communicate in real time through data networks with the analog world and are being designed for users to implement complex automation solutions and to create efficient value chains.

IMMS is continuously exploring novel approaches for such cyber-physical systems. These smart solutions unite electronics, mechatronics and software to open up a high potential for innovations and the door for new applications.

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    Systematic design and economical manufacture for intelligent multi-sensor systems in small quantities more »


    Im Projekt wird die Entwurfsmethodik für das Co-Design von Mechanik und Elektronik elektrodynamischer Energy Harvester entwickelt. more »


    Computer-aided verification methods have been developed to accelerate the design of Industry 4.0 applications. more »

    Wachstumskern HIPS

    Design-Bibliothek, Simulationen und Auswerteschaltungen für die Entwicklung neuartiger, robuster und kompakter SiCer-Sensoren more »


    For efficient processes the developed synchronised wireless sensor nodes capture energy data of industrial plant. more »


    The IMMS tool automatically generates mechanical designs. MEMS can be simulated and verified as an entire system. more »


    Within the project a novel planar drive system was developed which is magnetically guided and moves objects with nanometer precision. more »

    fast wireless

    Novel transmission systems for 5G mobile communications will enable real time interaction for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. more »


    Smart digital ultrasonic allows preventive maintenance and process optimization. more »

    Current Clamp

    The clamp developed by IMMS registers and evaluates parasitic currents of data cables in industrial plant without interrupting production. more »