Tests for the connection of an energy harvesting module for the autonomous power supply of CPS. Photograph: IMMS.

Energy efficiency

Providing applications with energy efficiency

Here, the work of IMMS focuses on solutions that will help reduce power consumption, use resources more efficiently and preserve the environment. The IMMS developments are being used particularly in sectors with high energy demand, which by their nature have high potential for savings. Instances are the processing industries, transport and facility management. more »

Providing energy efficiency in the system itself

Here, IMMS conducts research and development on systems which of themselves are energy-efficient and on energy supply solutions for those systems. Amongst other things, this work is enabling for innovative, complex and distributed energy-autonomous control and automation systems. Such systems will underpin ”Industry 4.0“, progressing industrial production. IMMS also implements ultra-low-power solutions, in this case pushing the physical limits as far as they will go. An example is the energy efficiency in a system which relies on preventing heat generation and contributes to the nanometre precision of direct drives. more »