IMMS staff at the headquarters in Ilmenau, Germany. Photograph: IMMS.
IMMS staff at the headquarters in Ilmenau, Germany. Photograph: IMMS.

The Institute

IMMS particularly strengthens small and medium-sized enterprises with application-oriented research and development in microelectronics, systems engineering and mechatronics and transfers the results of basic research into applications and products to bridge science and industry. As a strategic partner, IMMS supports companies in launching internationally successful innovations for health, the environment and industry.

For this purpose, IMMS bundles its competences in the development and implementation of sensor and actuator systems, control and feedback systems, signal processing and communications solutions, then also integrates the systems and provides solutions from the feasibility study to series production. Under the motto “We connect the digital to the analog world” IMMS develops and optimizes all the individual system elements, components and circuits and to achieve communication not only between those elements but between them and their environment.

IMMS is thus a veritable bridge between science and industry: a bridge rendered stable by the Institute’s close cooperation with Technische Universität Ilmenau (Ilmenau TU) and its industrial partners, strengthened also by its position in organizational networks and clustered centres of excellence and by its policy of encouraging new talents. The institute supervises up to 40 students a year and qualifies them with sound methodological knowledge and involvement in practice in order to prepare them for a career start in industry and application-oriented research.

Founded in 1995, the Land-owned company of the German Land of Thüringen and associated institute of Ilmenau TU currently employs around 80 people at its headquarters in Ilmenau and at the institute's branch office in Erfurt.