IMMS staff at the headquarters in Ilmenau, Germany. Photograph: IMMS.
IMMS staff at the headquarters in Ilmenau, Germany. Photograph: IMMS.

The Institute

The Institute serves small and medium-sized industrial enterprises through preliminary research. It acts as their strategic partner in the development of micro-electronic and mechatronic products and of systems technology.

This entails devising extremely precise and energy-efficient comprehensive solutions for the fields of automation, semi-conductors, medical technology, life sciences, and environmental or automotive engineering. A further role of IMMS is to contribute research to the technology of a range of industrial techniques: communications, measuring and control technologies and micro-/nano-engineering.

For its partners, IMMS is the cutting edge , slicing through the barriers between science and manufacturing, so that in many cases its partners will be five or ten years ahead of the competition. IMMS is thus a veritable bridge between science and industry: a bridge rendered stable by the Institute’s close cooperation with Ilmenau University of Technology (TU) and its industrial partners, strengthened also by its position in organizational networks and clustered centres of excellence and by its policy of encouraging new talents.

The IMMS motto, “Wir verbinden die IT mit der realen Welt”, emphasizes the need and the challenges inherent in connecting IT to the real world. Consequently, the Institute concerns itself with designing and creating sensor and actuator systems, control and feedback systems, and signal processing systems, then also integrating the systems and linking them to their environment. The work is to develop and optimize all the individual system elements, components and circuits and to achieve communication not only between those elements but between them and their environment.

Currently, there are 85 staff members working at this Institute, which was founded in 1995 as an associated research institute of the TU. IMMS is a non-profit company owned by the Free State of Thüringen, Germany, and has a section in Erfurt and its headquarters in Ilmenau.