Energetic measurements for the smart current clamp. Photograph: IMMS.
Energetic measurements for the smart current clamp. Photograph: IMMS.

Voices from industry and academia

René Heidl, Indu-Sol

”The devices and software solutions made by our company are the means of improving EMC quality around field buses in industrial plant. We were in search of a solution for our customers which would enable the parasitics on communication wires to be registered and evaluated while keeping the plant working. The aim was to create a small, mobile device which would be capable of much more than any previous analytic instruments or procedures because it enabled users themselves to identify sources of interference on site, to determine the level of interference and to store the data for analysis later.

IMMS with its many years of experience in energy-autonomous systems and in developing integrated hardware and software complemented our own work perfectly. The staff partnering us defined the exact specifications for the target system and developed for us a battery-operated current clamp for us which will take, process and store measurements in the kHz range over a period of 14 days. In addition, IMMS carried out a range of tests on magnetic circuits (and more), applied efficiency criteria so that the right hardware, analogue adaptive circuits and software elements could be selected, then developed the software and optimised the energy consumption of the entire system. We are more than happy with the product, which is now being mass-produced and is a valuable addition to our range. We estimate that we will sell about 200 of these current clamps a year, with prospects of an increase.

The collaboration was, besides, a smooth one, marked always by a problem-solving attitude with high self-motivation. It went without saying that the IMMS colleagues would find a solution when we asked for a modification; not only that, but they made various suggestions of their own, like the implementation of the menu structure, the conservation of the insulation and the positioning of the SD card. Thanks to the housing designed and made by IMMS as well, we have been able to go into the early stages of mass production with a complete, ready-made solution. For these early stages IMMS is still our supportive and competent partner.

We shall certainly come to IMMS again for help on combined hardware and software development so that we can launch further attractive products on the market, again with the benefit of their know-how in funded research projects.“

René Heidl, Head of Indu-Sol GmbH. Photograph: Indu-Sol.