IMMS has developed the hardware for a digital handset for leak detection in compressed air lines. Photograph: IMMS.
IMMS has developed the hardware for a digital handset for leak detection in compressed air lines. Photograph: IMMS.

Voices from industry and academia

Prof. Dr. Peter Holstein, SONOTEC GmbH

”SONOTEC was in search of a partner with whom to develop an innovative digital ultrasonic testing device. The purpose of the device is to detect leaks so that maintenance needs can be anticipated; it is a first-time combination of innovative sensors and signal measurement technology, smart software and user-friendliness. To develop such a device, deep understanding of digital architectures and of signalling behaviour in acoustic measurement systems is required. We were aware of the IMMS background in audio-signal processing and related hardware development because of the Institute's activities on the industrial cooperation and technical transfer scene, together with the external impact of these activities. Having realised the technological significance of IMMS' work, we found in the Institute all the necessary skills – among them model-based development, electronic systems design and experience in the digital processing of acoustic input signals together with embedded computing skills and full understanding of manufacturing operations. IMMS has now designed the digital components of the hardware to be used in our new tester. The signal processing performance achieved is largely based on FPGA technology, a field in which IMMS has excellent references.

Our joint work with IMMS went off perfectly. The cooperation was unbureaucratic; the work outstandingly easy to plan and to coordinate. I should like to single out the efficiency of the iteration cycles. Any progress made was immediately communicated. It all worked out so well largely because of the close and intensive personal cooperation between the IMMS and SONOTEC colleagues.

New products and new technologies are subject all the time to ever more challenges, for example in the context of Industry 4.0 with all its opportunities and issues. The IMMS style of work and quality of results inspire us to plan longer-term cooperation with the Institute.“

Prof. Dr. Peter Holstein, Head of Strategic Development, SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH. Photograph: Private source.