For our customer ARS we developed electronics for a system which detects leaks in pipelines. Photograph: ARS Betriebsservice GmbH.

Voices from industry and academia

Dr. Patrick Haspel, Cadence Academic Network

”In many conversations with our customers, we realized that above all outstandingly educated engineers – which have a comprehensive know-how and... more »

Dr. Olaf Brodersen, CiS

”As part of the BMBF joint project named KD Optimi, IMMS as subcontractor to CiS developed three customized integrated circuits, with which we at... more »

Dr. Dieter Treytnar, edacentrum

„IMMS is one of the ANCONA partners (Analog-Coverage in Nano-Electronics), a project which is running from 2014 – 2017 and of which IMMS is a... more »

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Manske, TU Ilmenau

”The Collaborative Research Centre SFB 622, ’Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machines‘, set up by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche... more »

Prof. Dr. Christian Brecher, RWTH Aachen

”Having been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for years and also its head, I was delighted to actively follow the development and... more »

Prof. Dr. Hannes Töpfer, Ilmenau TU

”At the Department of Advanced Electromagnetics at the Ilmenau University of Technology, we work on research topics concerning the development of... more »

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Utecht, BA Eisenach

”Students at our University follow a three year dual BSc course, taking the theoretical part at the Berufsakadamie (Thüringen’s University of... more »

Prof. Dr. Martin Hoffmann, Ilmenau TU

”In the ’PRIMOS‘ project (Piezoelectric MEMS Resonators for integrated RF Reference Oscillator Applications) our Department of Micromechanical... more »

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Stephan, TU Ilmenau

”The RF and Microwave Research Laboratory at Ilmenau University of Technology has been working together with IMMS on a project to develop compact... more »