Photograph: IMMS.
Photograph: IMMS.

Voices from industry and academia

Daniel Müller, Sensirion AG

”Sensirion's business is unified sensor solutions for the automotive market, among others. We have worked together with IMMS to develop for a Tier 1 automotive manufacturer who is one of our most imporant customers a completely new feature which will be integrated into a new sensor ASIC. The product goes into mass production in 2016.

IMMS made available its SENT transceiver as soft intellectual property (soft IP) and adapted it to match our requirements. This IP is clear in design, comprehensible in its implementation and provided with documentation at the professional industrial level. It meets our expectations with the excellence of its functionality, area taken up and power consumed. It was supplied complete with verification environment and the necessary data for synthesis. Integration of the IP was simple and fast; IMMS provided the best of support. When the complete system on chip was evaluated, the IP was confirmed to be operating perfectly.

We are more than satisfied with the results of the collaboration and the collaboration itself, and wish to give particular mention to the great flexibility shown in response to our change requests, which received straightforward and at the same time completely professional treatment. This flexibility, together with IMMS' consistently pleasant and knowledgeable communication, played a major part in the success of the project. The entire collaboration was a highly successful example of knowledge transfer between academia and industry and we greatly look forward to opportunities to repeat it in future.“

Dr. Daniel Müller, Head R&D ASIC, Sensirion AG. Photograph: Sensirion AG