For our customer ARS we developed electronics for a system which detects leaks in pipelines. Photograph: ARS Betriebsservice GmbH.

Voices from industry and academia

Dr. Arthur Singer, STABL Energy GmbH

„STABL Energy has developed a technology that fundamentally improves battery storage systems. These storage systems can be used in many ways,… more »

Peter Otto, Postberg

„With our engineering designs, we have specialised in compressed air, the most expensive energy source. We offer our customers an all-round… more »

Hans-Christian Fritsch, Ilmsens

„Die Ilmsens GmbH wurde 2016 aus der Technischen Universtität Ilmenau heraus gegründet und entwickelt modernste Ultrabreitbandsensoren nach… more »

Christian Paintz, Melexis

“At our site in Erfurt, we develop and produce highly integrated circuits mainly for the automotive industry, including for example the driver… more »
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Dalibor Stojkovic, ams OSRAM

“What motivates us at ams OSRAM is our drive to explore and design new technology. Bringing intelligence to light and passion to innovation, we… more »
Turck Logo

Friedrich Becker, TURCK Electronics GmbH

”Turck is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial automation. As specialists in sensor, fieldbus, connection and interface technology,… more »
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Hans-Peter Kraus, Productivity Engineering GmbH

”For 20 years, we have been in the business of designing and producing specific circuits, particularly for automated industrial processes,… more »

Dirk-Hendrik John, Software-Service John GmbH

”Our business is the interactive 3D visualisation and transfer of CAD (computer-aided design) and GIS (geographic information system) data in the… more »
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Dr. Katja Nicolai, IL Metronic

”At IL Metronic, we develop, manufacture and distribute glass-to-metal feedthroughs for specific customer needs; also, sensors, sensor modules… more »
Leibniz-Institut für Oberflächenmodifizierung e.V.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Arnold, Leibniz IOM

”Among the things we investigate at the IOM are the mechanisms of interaction involving chemically reactive atmospheric pressure plasma jets.… more »
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Sylvo Jäger, microsensys GmbH

”Microsensys is a developer and manufacturer of RFID software and hardware, which can be used for the checking and optimisation of processes in… more »

Dr. Uwe Stöpel, Funkwerk

”Funkwerk is the international market and technology leader in professional radio systems for rolling stock. We hold and keep this position by… more »

Dr.-Ing. Dirk Nuernbergk, Melexis

”We are a company that has supplied ICs to the automotive industry for more than 20 years. Each year, our research and development team works on… more »

Prof. Dr. Almuth Einspanier

”Ever since 2011, we have been researching a process that will enable us reliably to determine the sex of a chicken by hormone analysis before it… more »

Michael Muth, AeroLas

„At AeroLas, we have been pursuing a new R&D idea in the field of aerostatic guides in a joint project with IMMS and Ilmenau TU. The result of… more »

Tobias Baumgartner, Pepperl+Fuchs

„As specialists in electrical explosion protection and sensors for the automation of industrial buildings and processes, we supply customised… more »

Dr. Friedrich Scholz, Senova

„Cancer is one of the most frequent causes of death in both Germany and the EU. Early diagnosis is essential for a successful cancer treatment.… more »

Dr. Gottfried Betz, Strick Zella

„There is a great future for wearables. Textiles bend and breathe with the wearer and can be made up into many different garments. And if they… more »

Khalid Ishaque, Pixium Vision

”One must remember the notion that restoring some vision to those who have lost their sight is possible, has long been thought to be fanciful.… more »

Daniel Müller, Sensirion AG

”Sensirion's business is unified sensor solutions for the automotive market, among others. We have worked together with IMMS to develop for a… more »

Thomas Freitag, Melexis

”For many years, IMMS has been supporting us in the development and refinement of our ICs, among them those for LIN-based regulation of RGB LEDs… more »

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Husar, TU Ilmenau

”We had an ambitious aim when we were involved with our many partners throughout Europe in the EU 3DNeuroN project: it was to help people whose… more »

Prof. Dr. Peter Holstein, SONOTEC GmbH

”SONOTEC was in search of a partner with whom to develop an innovative digital ultrasonic testing device. The purpose of the device is to detect… more »

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erich Barke

”For a number of years up to 2015, I had a role in the scientific support of the staff at IMMS as a member of their Scientific Advisory Board.… more »

René Heidl, Indu-Sol

”The devices and software solutions made by our company are the means of improving EMC quality around field buses in industrial plant. We were in… more »

Dr. Gisbert Hölzer, X-FAB

”MEMS are an engineering product in great demand worldwide, and for that reason we are currently expanding our manufacturing capacity for this… more »

Reinhard Jurisch, microsensys

”In my role as a member of the industrial advisory council to the GreenSense research group, I have actively accompanied the research work done… more »

Lutz Wohlleben, ARS

”In our work, we test for leaks in pipelines using pigs while the pipeline is in full flow. The pig devices are inserted into the pipe and… more »

Eric Markweg, TETRA

”We have developed a micromechanical system for measuring forces on a tiny scale in quality control for surface finishing in industry. The sensor… more »

Steffen Arnold, Physik Instrumente

”IMMS has infused our development of a magnetic levitation direct drive with significant impetus. This is the type of technology which will have… more »