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Projects of Research facilities and ultra-precision mechanical engineering

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Novel 6DOF integrated direct drive moving large objects with small vertical dimensions through nanometre spaces more »


For the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) IMMS developed a high-precision positioning system for measurement scales of the coming… more »


IMMS has developed a vertical drive to raise and lower objects through 10 mm under active control with nanometre precision. more »


New research infrastructure for the next MEMS generation: 3D vibrometer system and new broadband amplifier more »


The work of IMMS on novel high-precision drives contributes to nanopositioning systems acting over long distances of travel. more »


Within the project a novel planar drive system was developed which is magnetically guided and moves objects with nanometer precision. more »


Thanks to the planar drive system developed by IMMS microelectronic chips are separated from 12” wafers in semiconductor production worldwide. more »