Projects in the field medical and life-science applications


IMMS is researching an integrated circuit for miniaturised, fast and broadband impedance analyses, e.g. on biosensors. more »


For an innovative rapid test for fertility diagnostics, IMMS is developing an image sensor for time-resolved fluorescence measurement. more »
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Das IMMS entwickelt ein kompaktes Funksensorsystem zur Online-Überwachung biochemischer Reaktionen im Labor. more »


IMMS is working on mobile diagnostic systems for early detection of widespread diseases using time-resolved fluorescence measurements. more »


Das IMMS forscht mit an MEMS-Sensoren, die künftig schwächste Magnetfelder detektieren sollen, wie z.B. in der Medizintechnik. more »


Commissioned by Leipzig University, IMMS has created a prototype device for automatic sexing of hen eggs. more »


Since 2017, IMMS has been working on solutions for a highly dynamic drive system for multi-axis manufacturing and processing of objects with… more »

Smart Jacket

A knitted and washable remote control for better daily living more »


Personalised recognition and therapy of cancer thanks to smart microelectronic diagnostic systems more »


Automated diagnostic platform for early detection of cervical cancer. more »