BASe-Box base system. Photograph: IMMS.
BASe-Box base system. Photograph: IMMS.

BASe-Box - Universal Platform for Industrial Embedded Systems

Universal Platform for Industrial Embedded Systems

The BASe-Box was developed to provide an embedded hardware and software platform for a broad variety of applications. It is powered by an AM3505- or AM3517-type processor of the Texas Instruments Sitara family. These processors are based on the ARM Cortex-A8 architecture and operate at a CPU clock of up to 600 MHz. The processor board offers a number of standard interfaces in order to make it directly usable as an embedded PC. All of the remaining interfaces of the processor are optionally made accessible via two connectors (1.27 mm grid), on which application-specific extension boards can be mounted (processor board PLUS). Additionally, there‘s an 8-pin extension connector for small-sized extension modules.

  • Technical Details

    • CPU: TI Sitara AM3505/17 (600 MHz)
    • 256 MB DDR2-SDRAM (512 MB max.)
    • 512 MB Flash
    • 10/100 MBit Ethernet
    • 2x USB 2.0 (+ power supply for external hub)
    • SD-Card
    • RS232 as Linux console
    • RTC with backup battery, 3x LEDs, JTAG
    • Bootable from: SD Card, Flash, USB
    • 1x simple extension connector: UART, +3,3 V, RESET, GPIO
    • 2x extension connector: GPMC, CAN, I2C, SPI, UART, RGB, USB-OTG, CCDC, McBSP, GPIO, Reset, power supply
    • Power: UDC = +5 V (1 W .. 1,7 W)
    • Format 100 x 160 mm2
    • ESD/EMV characteristics pre-evaluated
  • Software Support

    • Operating system Linux (optionally real-time-capable)
    • OpenEmbedded, Toolchain
    • Qt4 framework
    • BASe-Application framework
  • Fields of Application

    • Universal platform for industrial embedded systems
    • Measurement and control systems
    • Smart home/building automation
    • Data logger
    • Gateway for wireless sensor networks
  • Extension Boards

    • Wireless M-Bus module (AMB8426-M)
    • IEEE 802.15.4 2,4 GHz module
    • Smart home extension board (RS485, RS232, wM-Bus, 2x4 digitale I/O, USB, KNX)

    Further application-specific extension modules and boards available on request.