Lab setup for a signal processing device. Photograph: IMMS.
Lab setup for a signal processing device. Photograph: IMMS.

Signal Processing, evaluation

We develop application-specific signal processing solutions according to your specifications. Starting from a system model and system simulations, we define hardware and software interfaces, optimize signal processing mechanisms, and implement functional prototypes. We provide support from concept to production. Based on our experience from numerous research and customer projects, we offer the following services:

  • Development of embedded hardware/software platforms

    • Schematic design and layout for FPGA, DSP and SoC solutions
    • Configuration of embedded operation systems
    • Platform-oriented design methodology
    • Development of fast data interfaces for FPGA/host processor communication
    • ASIC/SoC design
    • Application development
  • Development of high-performance sensor signal processing systems

    • Model-based FPGA design for Xilinx and Altera devices using MATLAB/Simulink
    • SystemC modelling
    • Development of vendor-independent IP cores (VHDL RTL)
    • System integration
    • Implementation of microcontroller/host processor interfaces and hardware/software partitioning
    • Development of digital signal processing algorithms
    • Implementation of a wide range of communication interfaces
    • Device driver development and optimization
  • Applications

    • Audio signal processing
    • Image processing
    • 5G mobile communication
    • Industrial automation and control
  • Lab equipment

    • MATLAB and Xilinx System Generator
    • Cadence IC design and simulation tools
    • Altium Designer
  • Documents

    • Flyer „Signal processing“