IMMS developed this maglev direct drive including open-loop/closed-loop controls. Photograph: IMMS.

Open-loop/closed-loop controls

We develop open-loop and closed-loop controls as embedded solutions for actuator and sensor systems according to customer specifications with highest demands on precision, dynamics, available space, performance and efficiency. Using powerful simulation and rapid prototyping tools, we develop solutions for a quick and flexible setup procedure for your system. Based on experience from numerous research and customer projects we implement prototypes and provide expert support from first idea to start of production:

Development of application-specific open-loop and closed-loop controls: 

  • Control of actuator systems with nm precision
  • Hardware/software codesign of actuator/sensor systems
  • Efficient, structured development processes
  • High-performance control algorithms:
    • Adaptive,
    • Minimal system excitation,
    • Disturbance compensation
  • Architectural design and parameterization with rapid prototyping tools
  • Implementation on target hardware
  • Experimental identification and verification of system dynamics and models
  • Real-time test of control units on HIL test stands

Development of real-time control systems 

  • Wired/wireless real-time networking
  • Adaption and porting of real-time operating systems onto severely resource- constrained hardware platforms
  • Fields of application

    • Control systems for embedded direct drives (linear, rotatory), e.g. in medical devices
    • Control systems for 6D positioning, nanometre precision, high dynamics
  • Technical equipment

    • Comprehensive design software (MATLAB/Simulink, ANSYS, Maxwell etc.) and high-performance computer equipment
    • Development environments for industrial control systems like B&R, Beckhoff
    • Rapid Prototyping Systems like dSpace for rapid initial setups
  • Documents