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Events in Mittelstand-Digital (SME Digital)

In our role as ”Smart Sensor Systems Model Factory“ in the “SME Digital Centre Ilmenau” (Mittelstand Digital), we invite specialists and managers from the region to free information and workshop discussions, regulars’ tables and workshops, lectures and information days. We support SMEs in particular in implementing concrete ways of gradually introducing digitalisation solutions, building up the necessary skills and getting to know new types of applications in Industry 4.0 and with AI, among other things.


Ressourceneffizienz vor Ort - Digitalisierung & Ressourceneffizienz

Welche Veränderungen bringt Digitalisierung & Ressourceneffizienz in der Produktionslandschaft mit sich? Anhand von Best Practice Beispielen werden Einsatzmöglichkeiten aufgezeigt.


UGM – Datensicherheit in der Cloud

User Group Meeting – Konzepte zur Datensicherheit in der Cloud. Die Sicherheit von Daten in der Cloud (wie z.B. die Daten mit denen KI-Modelle trainiert werden) wird über ein Modell der geteilten Verantwortung gewährleistet.


Workshop „Design Thinking“

Interaktiver Workshop über neue Denk- und Arbeitsweisen – Lernen Sie die Kernelemente des Design Thinking praktisch kennen.


Stammtisch „Arbeitswelten 4.0“

Digitale Tools für die effektive Arbeitsorganisation


Stammtisch „Datensicherheit“

Themen sind: Datensicherheit in kritischen Infrastrukturen, Potenziale der gemeinsamen Nutzung von Daten und die Funktionsweise von Blockchain.


Workshop: Hands On – Industrie-4.0-konforme Kommunikation – OPC UA

Der Workshop lädt Macher und Anwender zum Kennenlernen wichtiger Grundlagen und zum Austausch im Schwerpunkt Indust-rie-4.0-konforme Kommunikation ein.

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SME Digital

Under the name ”Smart Sensor Systems Model Factory“ we are supporting enterprises in their gradual adoption of Industry 4.0 technology.

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Research field

Smart distributed measurement and test systems

Integrated sensor ICs are the heart of sensor and measurement systems like wireless sensors, stationary or handheld devices. We are researching solutions for ever more powerful sensors with more intrinsic intelligence and task allocation in the network.

Core topic

Analysis of distributed IoT systems

For complex distributed IoT systems, we model components for system-wide analysis of energy consumption. We put intelligence into the network, enable tasks to be solved flexibly and autonomously, and make individual functions portable and robust.

Core topic

Embedded AI

The numerous existing AI algorithms and methods for high-performance computing are unsuitable for embedded systems. We are researching to optimise AI algorithms and methods so that they can be used on embedded systems.

Core topic

Real-time data processing and communications

New hardware is usually not supported by operating systems for real-time tasks. We are researching which operating system can be implemented in which way for which real-time application and the hardware required there.



Dr.-Ing. Frank Spiller

”Smart Sensor Systems Model Factory“ in the ”SME Digital Centre Ilmenau“

frank.spiller(at) (0) 3677 874 93 61

Dr. Frank Spiller assists you with SME Digital topics as well as with the research and development of application-specific automation systems for industry:

  • Retrofittable sensors for innovative diagnostics, maintenance and service concepts
  • Universal electronic platforms for Industry-4.0-compliant components
  • Open source software and AI-based data processing for industrial applications


Dipl.-Hdl. Dipl.-Des. Beate Hövelmans

Head of Corporate Communications

beate.hoevelmans(at) (0) 3677 874 93 13

Beate Hövelmans is responsible for the text and image editorial work on this website, for the social media presence of IMMS on LinkedIn and YouTube, the annual reports, for press and media relations with regional and specialist media and other communication formats. She provides texts, photographs and video material for your reporting on IMMS, arranges contacts for interviews and is the contact person for events.

The work of IMMS as ”Smart Sensor Systems Model Factory“ is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) in the ”SME Digital Centre Ilmenau“ under the reference 01MF21008C and continues the activities from the ”Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Ilmenau“.

The ”Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Ilmenau“ (centre of excellence in Ilmenau serving SMEs) was part of the funding initiative „SME 4.0 – Digital Production and Work Processes“ which was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) within the funding programme „Digitising SMEs – Strategies towards digital Transformation of Business Processes“. IMMS was funded under the reference 01MF16005C.