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Silicon Saxony Day

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,Trade fairsTalk,Dresden

Use of Multi-Sensors in Predictive Maintenance – Drill Tool Predictions using AI


Sebastian Uziel

The Silicon Saxony Day offers unique insight into future technologies and business solutions covering hardware, software and connectivity topics.
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Use of Multi-Sensors in Predictive Maintenance – Drill Tool Predictions using AI

Pitch-Vortrag, Technology Island: Artificial Intelligence. In this talk, we will present a case study for drill tool wear prediction and discuss options to address the mentioned challenges. To do that, we will cover possible sensors, their positioning, requirements during the data acquisition phase, the feature selection, two options to model the problems at hand and the respective results. Special attention is paid on multi-sensor data acquisition and fusion of the sensor data. In addition, we cover aspects such as retrofitability.

AI-based monitoring of ventilation systems 

Demo setup at our booth – artificial intelligence determines condition and maintenance requirements of fans:

  • fast detection of defects in the motor bearing or fan blades using pre-trained AI (machine learning)
  • very low energy consumption due to execution of the AI on microcontrollers
  • retrofittable stand-alone solution with integrated acceleration sensor and direct status display via LED

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IMMS has developed an AI-based, retrofittable and cost-effective solution for quality assurance of machining tools.


SME Digital

Under the name ”Smart Sensor Systems Model Factory“ we are supporting enterprises in their gradual adoption of Industry 4.0 technology.

Press release,

Gemeinsam durch die Krise: Thüringer Netzwerke starten branchenübergreifende Initiative

Informationen, Förder- und Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten für KMU in Thüringen

Press release,

Reinhard Bütikofer zu Besuch im „Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Ilmenau“

Lösungen zur Vernetzung und zu Energie- und Ressourceneffizienz an TU Ilmenau und IMMS vorgestellt

Press release,

Ramelow besucht „Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Ilmenau“ am IMMS alias „Modellfabrik Migration“

Sommertour durch Digitalisierungsthemen – dritte Woche #ZukunftThüringen startet am IMMS

Press release,

Bundestagsabgeordneter Tankred Schipanski zu Besuch am IMMS

Am 12. Juli 2018 besuchte der für den Landkreis Gotha und den Ilm-Kreis gewählte Bundestagsabgeordnete Tankred Schipanski das IMMS. Zur…

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Lead application

Adaptive edge AI systems for industrial application

We are researching solutions for adaptive edge AI systems to make AI possible on low-consumption embedded systems in industry and to network them in real time.

Service for R&D

Development of embedded systems

We develop embedded systems for you as complete solutions consisting of sensors and actuators, signal processing and communications technology as well as open-loop and closed-loop controls.

Core topic

Embedded AI

The numerous existing AI algorithms and methods for high-performance computing are unsuitable for embedded systems. We are researching to optimise AI algorithms and methods so that they can be used on embedded systems.

Research field

Smart distributed measurement and test systems

Integrated sensor ICs are the heart of sensor and measurement systems like wireless sensors, stationary or handheld devices. We are researching solutions for ever more powerful sensors with more intrinsic intelligence and task allocation in the network.



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