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AI Spring 2023

Date, Type of contribution, Location:

1) KI für optische Prüfprozesse in der Qualitätskontrolle (AI for optical inspection processes in quality control)

2) Industrielle Edge-KI-Systeme für die vorausschauende Wartung (Industrial edge AI systems for predictive maintenance)

3) KI für Verschleißprognosen an Zerspanwerkzeugen (AI for wear predictions on cutting tools)


1) Felix Franke, d-opt

2) Sebastian Uziel, IMMS

3) Wolfram Kattanek, IMMS/Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Ilmenau

AI in production - sensors, data, applications


Quality assurance in manufacturing processes and condition monitoring of machines and systems are typical use cases for AI in production. Corresponding solutions are based on machine learning methods, for which a sufficient amount of representative and high-quality training data is required. Often, these must first be generated, for which both existing sensor technology and retrofittable systems can be used. In some applications, it is necessary for the AI models trained for classifications or predictions to be executed close to the sensor or process. Specialised device platforms can provide benefits for implementing such solutions. In this AI Spring event, these aspects will be explained with some application examples and potentials for more advanced deployment scenarios will be highlighted.

Event Objective:

The three presentations will provide an insight into both existing AI applications in manufacturing companies and novel application areas which can be opened up through the use of smart sensor systems.

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