Photograph: IMMS.

Voices of colleagues

Umut Onus, Embedded Software Engineer

“Ever since I was involved with electrical engineering, I have had a keen interest in signal…more »

Markus Ismer, B.Sc., researcher

“During my bachelor studies ‘Electrical Engineering and Information Technology’ at Ilmenau TU I was…more »

Alireza Nikpourian, PhD, MEMS development engineer

“My first acquaintance with the microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) dates back to 2013 when I…more »

Florian Kögler, M.Sc., researcher

„Ich bin seit 2017 am IMMS, seit 2020 als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im Themenbereich…more »

Tom Reinhold, M.Sc., researcher

”Having elected to study electrical engineering and information technology at Ilmenau TU, I was in…more »

Sebastian Miethe, M.Sc., Embedded Software Engineer

”Already during my bachelor studies at the Ilmenau TU and especially during my master studies in…more »

Dr.-Ing. Silvia Krug, Software Architect Embedded Systems

”I have been working at IMMS for almost 10 years now with some breaks in between. As a Bachelor…more »

Maximilian Wiener, M.Sc., Analog IC Design Engineer

“I had my first contact with IMMS in my fifth semester in Ilmenau TU. It was Professor Sommer who…more »

Martin Grabmann, M.Sc., doctoral candidate at IMMS

”When I chose Computer Engineering as my degree subject at Ilmenau TU, I was trying to bridge my two…more »

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Gorges

”In many areas of industry, production development has reached ”saturation point“. Because of the…more »