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Investigations and further development of linear actuators

Research field:Magnetic 6D-direct drives with nanometre precisionType of work:Simulation|Test / characterization of mechatronic systems|Test / characterization of electronic systems|Software development|Hardware programming|Design of control / regulation algorithms|Hardware design of mechatronic systems

The aim of the work is to investigate on an existing linear drive whether it is possible to increase the precision and reproducibility of movements by means of an adaptive adjustment of the feedforward control.

  • Introduction to the existing controller structure
  • Implementation and test of a procedure to adapt the feedforward control
  • Evaluation of the work
Desirable experience
  • Basic knowledge of MATLAB®Simulink®
  • Knowledge in the field of dynamics of mechatronic systems
  • Knowledge in the field of automation (controls/regulations)
Period:By agreement

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