The professional competence of the Institute is focussed on

  • integrated circuit engineering
  • model-based design technology
  • precision drive technology
  • control and communication technology.


The strong points of its technical departments

  • mechatronics
  • system design
  • microelectronics
  • industrial electronics and measurement technology

lie in the multidisciplinarity, which is in particular reflected by the fact that complex system solutions are mastered.

The IMMS GmbH is a partner of the most important Thuringian as well as of national innovation networks and an industrial cluster in the trades of vehicle technology, microtechnology, microelectronics and optics. Owing to that technological competencies can be pooled and common market strategies and new business models be developed.


Our competences are bundled in networks.
We increase knowledge in growth industries
with the help of specialists.
Together with partners from research and industry,
we achieve solutions for innovative products,
and open up paths to new business segments.

Abridgement of corporate vision of the IMMS GmbH



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