08.12.2011 - ELMUG Industry Day focuses activities in micro and nano-handling

4. ELMUG- Branchentag 2011, 9.30 am - 15.00 pm, Comcenter Brühl, Erfurt

Innovative products and services require to meet the needs of the market-oriented product development, knowledge of the technologies and best manufacturing processes. Especially in the micro-nano-handling is the high demands that are manageable by SMEs hardly. The bundling enhances the performance of key players each. The IMMS GmbH is therefore involved heavily in the development of a corresponding section in the network of electronic measurement and instrumentation.

ELMUG - Industry Day is  an  important milestone. It provides a platform to coordinate the common view of the future.  Technology roadmaps discussed and initiated, new projects and supply chains are extended. The Industry Day provides therefore an important contribution to investment protection.


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08.12.11 07:18
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